Round ‘Em Up! : The DIY Edition

I’m actually really loving the new format of the Roundups, with “editions” instead of just a heap of stuff I’ve found. So far this year, I’ve written roundups on Blog Resources, a Student Edition, a Books Edition, and the Valentines Edition. What do you think of the new Roundups? Do you prefer the “editions”? Are there any others you’d like to see?

This time around, I’m going for the DIY edition. My Ombre Jumper DIY is still the most visited post on my blog, almost a year after I wrote it, so I thought it’d be nice to have a look at some other DIY projects! I’ve focused on sewing-type ones this time, but I might do some more DIY roundups with different crafty bits!!  (You can see all of the DIY’s on {twoninethree} here)

locasx-5_large(image from here)

Dare to DIY is the best DIY blog I’ve found for ages. Sylvia’s DIYs are so thorough that they look more than achievable, which is always a good thing! I can’t even choose one DIY as a favourite, so I suggest starting here.

This skirt at C&C looks pretty easy, though I think I’m maybe swayed by the fabric!

The wolf dress I made was from this free pattern from Angela Kane, and it was really simple – I’m going to make another one soon.

Schwurlie is gorgeous, and her blog is lovely. Her tutorials are amazing, and I am totally making this coat.

How nice is this dress?! So summery!

A Pair and A Spare has got to be the ultimate DIY inspiration – I love this lacy miniskirt and this tribal before & after.

Pinterest is great for finding DIY projects, I love this idea for an old shirt

What are your favourite DIYs?


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