Essex Blogger Interviews : Carousel Diary

In the first of what’s going to be a little series of interviews with the Essex Bloggers, here’s Katrina from Carousel Diary! Katrina set up the first Essex Bloggers meetup, so it’s only fair that she goes first 😉

Carousel Diary

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Katrina, 21 and from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex! I work full-time in Marketing & Websites for a firm of solicitors, but blogging is my true fashion and what takes up most of my spare time! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is “Carousel Diary”?

I am a combination of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Although I will admit that my main focus seems to be beauty – I just can’t help myself purchasing skincare and make-up products each time I visit Boots!
I’ve been blogging on an off for a few years but Carousel Diary was set up in September 2012 and is something I am determined to stick to and I hope to watch it grow!
Not too sure how I chose the name to be honest, short of the fact that I like carousels and I guess a blog is a bit like a public diary!

Where can we find you? : @carouseldiary :

Why do you blog, and what are your favourite (and least favourite) parts of blogging?

I love the blogging community; I have met so many lovely people through it – especially all the #EssexBloggers! – And it is really nice to make new friends with shared interests. I also love the opportunities that blogging has given to me; I never thought I would be attending LFW or press days for high street stores! My least favourite, I guess, is that it is quite time consuming and I don’t always have the energy after a long day at work. However, once I get started photographing and typing there’s no stopping me!

Other than blogging, how do you like to spend your time?

I enjoy a good restaurant; I love pretty much all food and like trying out different cuisines from around the world! I also love to read, shop, travel and party!

Is there any advice you’d give to new bloggers?

Always remember that your blog is YOUR space, don’t let anybody tell you how to run it! Blog about what you have a passion for or you will soon lose interest.

What are three blogs (Essex or otherwise!) that you love?

Of course I love all of the Essex Bloggers’ blogs, but my other favourites include:

For gorgeous photography:
For everything you wanted to say but didn’t:
For stories that’ll make you laugh out loud:

Thanks Katrina! You can read all of the Essex Blogger interviews by clicking here!
If you are an Essex Blogger and would like to take part in the series, let me know, either by email or on twitter!

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