For my Mum’s birthday, I bought tickets for us to go and see Wicked. Since booking the tickets, everyone I’ve mentioned it to has said such good things about it, making us look forward to it even more. Tuesday finally came around, and off we went!

elphaba-wicked(image from here)

We had a mooch around Westfield first, although we were very well behaved! I only bought a dress in Forever21, and Mum bought a couple of tops in Zara. I almost bought some red studded leather boots in the Zara sale, but I exercised an immense amount of self-restraint and put them back, after I realised that I had literally nothing to wear them with.

Obviously, going to Westfield means eating at Wahaca, especially as Mum hadn’t been there before. We had hibiscus mojitos and a ridiculous amount of food, but it’s all on little plates, so thats allowed, right? Yum.

After stuffing ourselves with quesadillas, we headed off to Victoria for the show. Wicked has been on at the Apollo Victoria for six years now, and the theatre is bathed in green light, both inside and out! I do think that it’s one of the steepest theatres I’ve been in, and having my heels on definitely didn’t help when I had to walk down to our seats! Eek. We sat dead in the middle of the Dress Circle, and our seats were fantastic.

wicked_elphaba-glinda(image from here)

Everyone’s recommendations of the show were spot on, and it’s definitely one I’d see again. The musical is based on the book by Gregory Maguire, which I know I’ve got a copy of somewhere. I might dig it out and have a read, though most of the reviews are awful, and it’s apparently very different to the musical. I loved the storyline, and that it runs sort of parallel to story of the 1939 movie, tying everything together at the end.

I won’t give the ending away, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. I already want to go again.


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