I’ve just got back from a couple of days in Budapest, and it was amazing!


Rachel & I stayed in Pest, at the Palazzo Zichy, which was absolutely beautiful. Mark Francis-ing it up! We checked in and went straight out for a wander, and we got to the top of Váci Utca before it started snowing, and Budapest looks completely different in the snow. I think it’d be a totally different place in the summer, when its hot.

Food and drinks in Budapest are ridiculously cheap. For dinner, we only spent 2500ft each, which is about £8. Our food was amazing, and we had wine as well. We worked it out that our wine was 90pence a glass. Amazing.

We got up on Wednesday morning, stuffed ourselves with roasted vegetables and pains au chocolate and headed out to the Westend Shopping Centre, before walking across the Margaret Bridge and all the way along the river on the Buda side.

Snow People
Trams across the Liberty Bridge

We’d decided before we went to go the Gellert Baths, and it more than lived up to our expectations! We booked our tickets at the hotel, and booked our massages when we got to the spa. It’s a little bit confusing trying to work out where to go, but once we figured it out, it was awesome. There’s steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, different temperature pools, a swimming pool, weight baths (which we couldn’t figure out at all) and a massive list of treatments.  We both had 30 minute aroma massages, and I honestly felt at least an inch taller when we came out.

We’d had to buy boots because mine had sprung a leak (boo) and Rachel had decided that footwear choices of Converse and 4 inch platforms were a good idea. We decided that the spa was as good a resting place as any for my poor dead boots, and my new ones got their first outing!

Before coming home, we went off to the Jewish Quarter as it was the only part of Budapest we hadn’t been to, and found the Holocaust Memorial Centre. The exhibition is done really well, and doesn’t sugar-coat anything. Seeing the holocaust from a Jewish, Hungarian, perspective was a completely different experience, and definitely worth visiting.

We had an amazing time, and I’m definitely planning to go back to Budapest, as there are loads of things we didn’t have time to see.

Finally, this is a link for Rachel, of the best bridges Budapest has to offer!!

Have you been to Budapest? Is there anything you’d recommend doing/seeing?


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