Inspired: A Blog Award

Good Morning!

Yesterday, Janey from Is That You, Darling? tweeted me to say that she had nominated me for a blog award, and I’m very flattered!!  Thank you!


The award is the Very Inspiring Blogger award, and from what I gather, I have to think of seven facts about myself to tell you… much harder than it sounds!! Here goes!

  1. I’m really not a cat person at all, and I can’t understand why people are. Dogs are much nicer 🙂
  2. I can’t watch scary movies, not because I’m scared, but because I spend too much time imagining what’s happening off screen that’s so bad they had to pan the camera away…
  3. I was born on Mothers Day (best present ever, Mum?)
  4. I wish I could play my guitar, but I’m too impatient to learn.
  5. I’m super-competitive about everything. No one will go to the gym with me, and I like doing exams because it’s like a competition with myself.
  6. I get really grumpy when I’m hungry (but Johno is worse, so I usually get away with it!)
  7. I don’t drink tea or coffee. Marie doesn’t understand how I get anything done without caffeine 😉

My nominations for Inspiring Blogs are:
Mirea, Polly May, & Oh, Such a Primadonna


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