Practically perfect in every way

I’ve finished uni for the Christmas break now, and I spent the first half of this week with my lovely little sister. We headed off to Freeport Designer Village on Monday, and it was surprisingly quiet – we were expecting lots of Christmas shoppers, but in most shops we went in, we were the only ones! Sarah found some awesome lilac hi-tops in the Nike store, and now we’re planning another trip once loans come in 😉 (By the way, Sarah, the 50 best Dunks of all time – !! )

After our shopping, we went out for a curry, which was yum, and then came home and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I honestly hadn’t realised how creepy the whole film is!! We watched Mary Poppins with our ‘lightly toasted toast’ in the morning, and then went to town. When we got back, we watched Matilda (making the most of my Lovefilm subscription at the moment!!) before Sarah went off home.

Was a lovely couple of days, and now it’s less than a week till Christmas!! xx


5 thoughts on “Practically perfect in every way

  1. pollymay says:

    Awww, we really have! How cute!! Oh how did you get that picture?? I have looked at the 50 best dunks and think I may have to raid a bank to buy the ones I like – #42, #36, #25, #22, #16, #11, and #10 in pink! xx

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