Walking in a Winter Wonderland

On Saturday, Johno and I braved the (freezing!) cold and headed to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland. It’s MASSIVE this year, and the tannoy on the tube told us that they weren’t letting people in anymore, as it was at capacity. We decided to have a look at the queue to get in and see how it went. In the end it turns out that we only had to queue for about 15 minutes, which wasn’t much longer than we’d expected to have to wait in the first place, so that was pretty good.

It was so packed that we had to shuffle around, but there was so much to look at that it was fine, there are loads of stalls for little Christmas presents, food stalls, and loads of rides.

Sadly, when we’d looked online the skating was all booked up, so we decided to go on the Giant Wheel. Even though it was freezing, it was a really clear night, so we could see for miles – the whole of Winter Wonderland lit up on one side, and the London skyline on the other. 60 metres in a little pod doesn’t seem as high as 60 metres on the Star Flyer looked! (Eagle-eyed readers may remember that when I went to the circus, I was too terrified to go on the Star Flyer – it was the same ride. How are these things so popular? Either people are crazy, or I’m a massive wuss…)

Johno had been to the football earlier in the day, so he fancied something proper to eat, but the food places at Winter Wonderland where you can sit down were so packed that we didn’t stand much of a chance. Instead, we got ourselves some of the best hot chocolate ever from a Galaxy stall to warm up, and headed out of the park.

We wandered up Oxford Street, and looked at the Marmite lights, and then down Regent Street and round to Leicester Square where, after some deliberation from Johno about how long he wanted to wait for a table to get his food, we decided on Garfunkels. Our meal was lovely (and Johno barely had to wait five minutes to sit down πŸ˜‰ ), and we headed home feeling very Christmassy indeed!!
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland


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