So, today was the first day of the third (and final – boo!) year of my degree.  I think it went really well, and I’m really pleased with the modules I’ve chosen this year.  This year is all seminars, so I’m only being taught for six hours a week.  I know, right?  I do have my dissertation work and my Spanish to add to that, but yeah, smug. Does mean that I need to get myself uber-organised though, to make sure that I’m doing enough outside reading and stuff.

My friend Nathan (who’s studying in California this term, lucky beggar – HI NATHAN!!) and I have agreed to read every text this year in our bids for a first, and so far, I’m keeping up.  I need to get a status update from him, because his facebook is just full of crazy parties (ha!).

I’ve spent this afternoon reading up on stuff from my Decorum & Decay class this morning, making mailing lists for my society and sending emails that I hope won’t make the freshers feel bombarded with information.  I’m planning to schedule in one day a week for my dissertation, though it’s almost ready for me to start writing. I’m far too excited about it. Oh well.

I thought I’d just do a random little uni-related post!
Are you at uni? What do you study? How do you feel like it’s going? Tell me stuff! I’m nosy! 😉 xx


4 thoughts on “Boffin

  1. emma says:

    I studied Italian and European politics at Uni and if there’s any advice I can give you it’s preparation, preparation, preparation! I also found it helpful to treat Uni like a job. So I got into the library at 9am everyday and stayed on campus until 6ish everyday which really worked for me. Try to have fun too, but work as hard as you can – you’ll regret it if you don’t!

    • Terri-Jane says:

      I’m surprising myself so far, to be honest – two days in and I was already in the library at 9.30 this morning – on my day off!
      Clearly the excitement of writing my dissertation is proving too much for me already! 🙂 x

  2. swwonder says:

    I think the biggest thing I learnt from both of my degrees, is to not let other people dictate how you work (meaning your fellow classmates, friends, family and even me sat here giving you advice), by now you already know what works best for you, so do it! Aside from that, I have a huge whiteboard on my wall where I noted dates, notes and structures – that really helped, particularly with my thesis.
    Best of luck for your final year! x

    • Terri-Jane says:

      Definitely need a whiteboard – such a good idea!! – the space above my desk is covered in post it notes and blu-tacked bits of paper!! 🙂 x

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