S’il vous plait?

I desperately need to learn how to french braid my hair. I’m so cack-handed it’s unreal. If anyone has any tips and/or super easy tutorials, please send them my way!! I want to be able to do these lovely things to my hair!!

What hairstyles would you love to try out? Where do you look for hair inspiration?


4 thoughts on “S’il vous plait?

  1. Janey says:

    I love a braid! It’s my favourite thing to do with my hair, and it’s the reason that I am so reluctant to cut it all off!

    I never used to be able to do them either, my sister used to braid my hair and I used to think it was so confusing and that I’d never be able to do it. But somehow I just sort of learnt. I think the main thing to know is that you have to start out with a plait and then bring in more bits of hair. Mine don’t turn out perfectly, but the more you do the better you get! The worst thing for me is that it kills my arms! I end up practically laying on the floor to avoid having my arms up in the air for too long!

  2. Jo C says:

    T-J I’m rubbish with hair and as a consequence my 9 year old has mastered 6 different types of plaits (she told me not to use that word but can’t remember the replacement!) fish tail, inverse, French, whatever, she can teach you. Let me know next time you work on a Sat and I will get her to pop in and do a mini tutorial. From the mouths of babes.

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