Round ‘Em Up!

Roundup posts seem to be a bit sparse at the moment, so I’m sorry if you’re missing them! I’ve been doing them for a long time, and sometimes I get a bit bored! Also, sometimes real life things get in the way of my interweb scouring for links!!

I’ve only got a couple of weeks left until I start my final year at uni – I can’t believe it’s gone so fast! As this year is going to be hugely focused on U.S. Literature, and William Faulkner in particular, I need this geek-tastic t shirt. Awesomeness.

Sarah’s local Tesco has got a beauty hall and a blow dry bar! I can’t decide if I think that’s amazing, or a bit weird. What do you think? Apparently there are a few Tesco’s like this, have you seen one?

Grace’s victory rolls tutorial is fantastic. In fact, she makes all of her tutorials look ridiculously easy – I might actually even have a go!

Was Marilyn Monroe a proto-feminist?
“She certainly took actions that could be called feminist. Her entire life was a process of self-formation. She was a genius at self-creation and made herself into an actress and a star.” What do you think?

Beaute Belle is a new blog I found after Stacey started following me on instagram. Her blog is lovely, and I’m waiting for her to start selling Scrabble cushions again because I want some!!

New Scandals!! The Exquisite Garbo.



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