Round ‘Em Up! : {Pinch Punch!}

Happy first of September!  I can’t believe that it’s September already, and the “summer” is pretty much over!
I thought I’d kick off September with a little roundup, so here we go!!

I’m selling some nails on my other blog and on eBay – I can do custom sets too, so if you’ve got the perfect nail art idea in your head, but painting your other hand is too much faff, email me and I’ll see what I can do!!

Gala Darling has got a list of things to do before winter ends, and considering that it’s FREEZING today, it seems a pretty good place to start if you need ideas for wintery things to do 🙂

Min Lee at Janexo has got epic organisational skills. Once I get around to sorting out my wardrobe (procrastination FTW!), I’m definitely having a go at some of these tips. My clothes tend to be organised in a ‘wedge it in’ style, so I am totally in awe.

I sort of ombred my hair this week, but just bits around my face, and I’m super tempted to do some more and do it like a proper ombre. I actually love it, it’s not super blondey, more sort of coppery colours, with some blondey bits mixed in where I re-bleached parts. I’ve used a whole tube of conditioner on it and *touch wood* it seems to not have minded too much! Yay for not going orange and yay for not snapping off!!
Because I had no idea what to do, having never done highlights or foils or bleach on my hair before (I tend to just buy a box dye, whack it on, put a plastic bag over my head and be done with), I watched Kandee’s video to figure out what I was doing.

I made The Diet Riot’s Lime & Mustard Chicken a couple of nights ago, and it was lovely! (Next time, I definitely need to grate the whole cauliflower though, four florets was not enough for two of us!! oops!) Yum.

I love these illustrations. My favourite is the Jean-Paul Sartre, but there are lots of others in the Etsy shop, Obvious State.

I finished reading Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, and she tweeted me!!! Life. Made.

I’m off now to watch some more of the Paralympics, and cook some chili! 🙂
Have a great weekend!! xx


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