Life of Pi

Adding another film to the list of movies I’m looking forward to coming out later this year – the film version of Life of Pi.

I loved the book (even the weird part!), and I’m actually really interested to see how the film measures up. Here’s the trailer…

Looks pretty epic, no?

I’m really not usually a fan of seeing films of books I’ve really enjoyed (I still refuse to watch The Time Travelers Wife, because just from the trailer I feel like it’ll ruin the book for me forever, and it’s one of my favourites!), but I’m quite intruiged about this, and Baz Luhrmann‘s Gatsby.

How do you feel about seeing the film version of a book you love? Do they ever live up to expectations? xx


7 thoughts on “Life of Pi

  1. Janey says:

    I try to be really philosophical about film adaptations of my favourite books. I hate it when people go on and on about what they changed or left out of the film. The great thing about a book is the world you build up in your imagination. A film is never, in a million years, going to capture that accurately, so you have to be lenient with the filmmakers to a certain extent. If I see the film of a book that I have loved, and it’s not right, I place it firmly in my “Never Watch Again” file, and move on. If it’s brilliant (like all the Harry Potter films, I enjoy them as an accompaniment to the books.

    I understand why you would avoid the film of The Time Traveler’s Wife, if you are worried about it being terrible. I read the book and enjoyed it, but then I saw the film on a plane. I don’t feel that a plane viewing ever really produces a fair reaction to a film, but I have to say that I didn’t enjoy it *that* much. Certainly not as much as I had enjoyed the book, anyway. But I would also say that if you love a book so much that you want to marry it, the film probably won’t take anything away from that. With Harry Potter, even though I loved the films, when I reread the books now, I still have the characters in my head the way I originally pictured them (for the most part – there is the odd actor that sneaks through, like Alan Rickman as Snape). Some of my favourite book to film adaptations, other than Harry Potter, are the Millennium trilogy (Swedish versions), Bridget Jones’ Diary, and The Hunger Games, Oh, and Lord of the Rings.

    I haven’t read Life of Pi, though I’ve heard lots of good things about the book and the film, I am also looking forward to Gatsby – I’ve studied that book so many times I feel like I could make a film of it! And I’m also looking forward to one called The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is a book I read at the end of last year.

    Sorry for such a long comment! 🙂

    • Terri-Jane says:

      Don’t apologise, I like long comments!!
      I agree that there’s nothing more annoying than when people criticise what’s been changed or missed out, but as well I think that you have to bear in mind that the version of a book in your head might be slightly different to the version in someone else’s head! Alan Rickman is always going to be an exception, because he IS Snape. Haha. x

  2. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    Oooh December…I hope it is out in time to go see it for my birthday! I usually go and see the film adaptations but I always feel let down. I think I am slowly learning to look at them as two separates, because comparing them only ruins both! This one looks promising though!

    • Terri-Jane says:

      I think that looking at it separately is probably the best way, but sometimes it’s hard if it’s something you love!! I am looking forward to Life of Pi though, because it looks like its done well!! Fingers crossed! x

  3. Claire 'Word by Word' says:

    I usually find the film versions disappointing, but actually I enjoyed The Time Traveller’s Wife and I am definitely looking forward to The Life of Pi. I think it helps to have some distance from the book, rather than have just recently read it, then the story comes back slowly and avoids us making too many comparisons.

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