Versatile Blogger Award

Hello! I’ve just got back from my holiay, and whilst I was away, Hannah nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you!!

Here are my nominations:
1) Polly May: And The Like
2) Oh, Such A Primadonna
3) Is That You Darling?
I’m not sure how many I’m supposed to do!!

And here are 7 things about myself!
1) I study English and U.S. Literature and Spanish
2) My favourite colour is purple
3) My absolute, ultimate dream job is to be a librarian, and be super-specialised in something, and have a little ‘alcove’. (Ubergeek alert, haha)
4) I’m a little bit obsessed with things with skulls on them.
5) I like to have lots of (too many…) projects on the go at once, or I get bored.
6) Following on from 3), I usually read at least two books at the same time.
7) I’ve been all over the internet (geocities, anyone?) for about ten years (eek!)

Thanks again, Hannah!! xx


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