Snail Mail

Write More Letters! (Photo by Donovan Beeson)

Write More Letters! (Photo by Donovan Beeson)

I have a confession to make.  My new obsession is looking at other people’s post.  That sounds creepy, so let me clarify.  Post, but more specifically, looking at other people’s mail art.  Therefore, this is going to be a sort-of post inspired roundup.

I’ve found a couple of gorgeous blogs, and they are totally inspiring. The Good Mail Day tumblr is amazing, and features “stamps, seals, postage, envelopes, mail art, postal carriers, postboxes, pen-calluses, and inky fingers.” Fab. It also links up to the Good Mail Day blog

Bianca at Goodnight Little Spoon has created some lovely letter-related freebies to print out and send to people.

My mummy bought me the Roald Dahl stamps when they came out, and later this month there are Charles Dickens stamps coming out. I might have to get some.

Look at this!! How awesome is this project??

What do you think of Postcrossing? I love getting postcards, and I have a huge box of postcards from all over the place; ones that Stuart had sent whilst he was travelling, before he moved to Australia for good (in some of them, my sister is called “Bump”, so they go back quite a long way!!); ones from places that we went on holiday when I was younger; ones my friends sent me before everyone took mobile phones on holiday…

Speaking of postcards, The Postcard Poets “is a new way to discover poetry from new and established poets to readers across the world. Selected by our curators, the poetry takes the medium of postcards and is delivered to you by post.” How cool is that? You can have poetry sent to you by different curators; the Lover, the Existentialist or the Dreamer, and they send either two or four postcards of poetry each month. Is it just me, or would these postcards look amazing framed and on the wall?

I think I need to get a new ribbon for my typewriter….

More lettery links…
The Elevated Envelope
Letter Writers Alliance on Flickr
Jellysock’s Mail Art Pinterest


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