Round ‘Em Up!

Well, there hasn’t been a roundup for a while!!

from The Wonder Forest (taken from Pinterest)

from The Wonder Forest (taken from Pinterest)

I love this advice. It’s a little bit NSFW though, but sometimes, you just need to be told: Write like a MotherF’er!

I’ve recently come across Promise Phan’s youtube, and it’s amazing. Her makeup transformations are astounding. Her Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian ones are great!

Speaking of makeup,, Jangsara‘s Karita is awesome. Look at the Avengers makeup, I love it!!

Polly May has started doing some outfit posts on her blog, go and have a little look (she’s far more stylish than I am!)

What do you think of this list of 50 essential feminist reads from Stylist? Have you read any? Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman is still on my to-read list… *guilty face*

I’m quite fancying a pair of Superga plimsolls. Maybe my lovely sister will get me a pair when she goes to Turkey…

And finally, a new Scandal!!



2 thoughts on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    I love this little step by step tips, I’m really rubbish as doing hair and make-up etc. (I know – I suck at being a girl!) so I often steal this little gems as they are really easy to follow! ‘Makeup: The Ultimate Guide’ by Rae Morris is fantastic for eye make up like this!

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