Ombre Dip-Dye Jumper DIY

Sometimes, only sometimes, procrastination is a worthy use of my time. Haha. In a post last week I wondered whether or not I’d be able to DIY this £45 Topshop jumper. Honestly, I can’t let myself spend that sort of money on one item of clothing, I’m a sales rail girl, because I know how far I can make £45 go, and I think that Topshop has gotten ridiculously expensive. So I made one myself which cost me a grand total of £7.95, and because I’m such a kind and generous soul, I thought I’d share my DIY skills (ha!) with you, in case you fancied some ombre clothing of your own!

You’ll need:
♥ A jumper (or whatever item of clothing you’re dyeing!) – I started off with a massively oversized cotton/poly mix jumper from H&M (with 5% angora!) which I bought in the sale for a fiver.
♥ 1 packet of hand dye (I used Dylon’s Intense Violet)
♥ 250g table salt
♥ A bowl or bucket big enough for your clothes
♥ A measuring jug
♥ Rubber gloves
♥ Somewhere to hang your jumper until it dries!!

1. Mix up your dye as per the instructions in the measuring jug, fill the bowl with six litres of hot water and stir in the salt. Put your rubber gloves on.

2. Dip your jumper in up to mid-armhole, if it’s damp it’ll hold the dye better and you’ll get a better ombre-ish effect, but you don’t want it dripping, so squeeze out some of the water.

3. Pour about a quarter of the dye into the bowl and give it a stir, then quickly dip in your jumper, to a few cm below where its damp. Take it out and squeeze a bit out, just so it’s not dripping too much – be careful of handprints though!

4. Pour in another quarter of the dye and stir it up, then dip your jumper in again, this time about halfway up the jumper. I chose to do the sleeves as well, but you can leave them out if you like! Keep pouring in a bit of dye and dipping your jumper in less each time. Once all of the dye is in the bowl, just dip the bottom of the jumper in, and hold it there for a minute. Once it looks dark enough, take it out and hang it up (I’d recommend that you hang it in the shower or over the bath, it drips A LOT). I left mine hanging up in the shower overnight, and in the morning it was pretty much dry. Also, my rubber gloves got a hole in and I dyed my finger bright purple. Next time I’ll buy thick ones rather than tescos own…

5. Once its dry, stick it in the washing machine on a quick wash with no washing powder.

6. Lay it flat to dry on an airer. I got mine 90% dry and then hung it up in front of the window, to make sure all the dye smell got blown out. This is because I don’t have a garden (boo), but you can always hang it outside to dry too!!

7. BOOM! Good to go. Ombre awesomeness.

Woop!! xx

(Ooh, and you can see the photos bigger here if you like!)


12 thoughts on “Ombre Dip-Dye Jumper DIY

  1. Safiya says:

    Yey, well done, it looks great! I actually prefer yours to the Topshop one, I like the more prominent, graduating ombre.
    I have to agree in regards to Topshop’s prices, they are stupidly high, especially in relation to the quality of the clothes! Even more so considering the great job that you’ve done with this jumper, just think you could still add the spikes and you’d probably still be spending around £10!

    • Terri-Jane says:

      Thanks!! I’m so pleased with myself!
      I’m debating the spikes, but I think they might dig in, and I can see myself getting annoyed with handbag/shoulder spike issues, haha! I’ve got some on my eBay watchlist for £2.50, in case I change my mind 😉 xx

  2. Janey says:

    I love this! It looks great, as good as if not better than the Topshop version, and it will feel so good wearing it knowing it cost you less than a fifth of the price!

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial too – it’s something I might actually try myself!

    • Terri-Jane says:

      Thanks! 🙂
      If you try it, send me a pic/link – it was SO much easier than I thought it would be… took maybe an hour including all my faffing around and putting plastic bags in the shower and constructing a coat hanger contraption to hang it up!! 🙂 xx

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