Birthdaying in Bosworth

For my birthday, the Boy surprised me with a trip to Bosworth Hall for the weekend. After five trains and a taxi, we arrived at Market Bosworth and then went through the village up to the hotel. Set in 11 acres of gardens, the Hall is a 17th century listed building, facing onto the Market Bosworth Country Park. Market Bosworth is on the border or Leicestershire and Warwickshire, and it’s beautiful. Bosworth Field is where the last battle in the Wars of the Roses was, and the Battle of Bosworth is where Richard III was defeated and Henry Tudor became monarchy. There’s a 9 mile walk from the Hotel around the battlefields, which I’d love to go back and do, but the weather was just a bit too cold for trekking across fields on Saturday morning!!

We decided instead to catch the bus into Leicester on Saturday, which is about 20 miles away, and as we were driving along, we went through about eight other tiny villages with strange names and past loads of farms – one farm, right next to the road, had llamas wandering about! Neither of us had been to Leicester before, and I think we were both a bit surprised at how huge it was!

As it was my birthday surprise, we had a very nice room, and Johno had included all of our meals (plus a bottle of wine each night of our stay) and the spa. It really was nice (and very much needed, I think) to have a few days away, with no internet connection, and hardly any phone reception!



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