Charlie Simpson

Corn Exchange, Ipswich

Charlie Simpson (image from Google)

Charlie Simpson (image from Google)

On Wednesday, I headed up to Ipswich with my sister to see Charlie Simpson (yep, Busted/Fightstar Charlie Simpson), and after a bit of shopping and some food, we queued up outside the Corn Exchange nice and early, to get seats (it was meant to be standing, but they changed it!) and see the support acts. I was literally the oldest person in the queue, they sent a sheet along for people to sign up to the mailing list and it had ages on it, and pretty much everyone was 16 or 17. Does Charlie not appeal to the over-20s? There were even a few under-15s there. At the risk of sounding even older, who are these cool 14 year olds with a decent taste in music? I think I was listening to Westlife and Anastacia at 14. Haha.

The first support was Sam Beeton, and he was really, really good. Seeing people who can play guitar that well makes me wish that I could play something more than just the intro to Paint it Black. My poor guitar has been sat in the corner, unloved, for about three years, and I still can’t play it. Boo. (Although, Sam told me it was easy. Fangirl moment. Haha) Anyway, having done some youtubing this morning, I wish I’d bought Sam’s CD, because I don’t seem to be able to find it to buy online anywhere!!
Sam’s Deluxe Double CD, with 22 tracks, is available to buy from for £10 🙂
Here he is for you to have a listen to…

The next support was The Martin Harley Band, who were a sort of blues group with an electric lap steel guitar. That’s the best way I can describe them. That, and that I’m jealous of the drummers hair swooshing. (If you’re in the area, they’re playing at the Colchester Arts Centre on 15th April.)

Finally, it was time for Charlie Simpson, and he was fantastic. Better, even, than I expected. The live set was a bit more… rock? than the recorded versions, which is never a bad thing, and there were a few different arrangements, but it was really good. It was the first night of the Young Pilgrim tour, and was in Charlie’s home town, so lots of his family and friends were there, and we saw his dad a couple of rows in front of us, singing along. From what I can work out, the first night of the tour was only a couple of days after Charlie and his band got back from SXSW, and they played fantastically. I’m massively reigning in the raving here, but we had an amazing night!! 🙂



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