Photos oo3

Time I make this into a category, I think!!

The order of this seems to switch around every time I do it!! So…
Charlie Simpson. Much, much better than I thought he would be. It’s always nice when artists sound better live than they do on a CD. Also, ridiculously good looking. Argh. I’m planning to do a proper review shortly…
Spanish Revision: prior to my LitSoc meeting/drinks/pool evening, during which Palvashay forced me to drink too much rose by buying me more everytime my glass was empty. Thankfully, I was somehow completely hangover free the next day for my actual exam!!
Turkey Dinosaurs: Self-explanatory. A turkey dinosaur breakfast ensures that it is going to be an awesome day. (Also, my blog is getting the most hits it’s ever got from search engines for the term “keep calm and love dinosaurs” which I don’t think I’ve ever written, until now!! How random.)
LitSoc hoodies: Yay!!
Kerouac books: Essay is now done and handed in. Thankyou Barry Miles.



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