Ooh look! A snazzy new layout!  I was getting a little bit bored of the old one as it had been up for ages, so I thought I’d have a change 🙂  What do you think? There are still a couple of bits that I need to tweak, but I quite like it, I think!

This post is really more of an update than anything else, the new layout was basically procrastination a break from essaying which, thank God, is now nearly done.  I have Spanish exams on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’m going to see Charlie Simpson on Wednesday night with my sister. On Thursday, I’m going to take Mum out for a belated Mothers Day, and then uni finishes on Friday. I have two more essays to write over Easter, but I have a month to do them so thats not too bad!!

I should be back to regular blogging by next weekend, but until then, here are a few fabulous blogs for you to check out!
oo1 – Claire Huskie
oo2 – Palindrome Poppet
oo3 – Lydia Faye Jones



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