Round ‘Em Up!

ROUND UP TIME!!! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA, I went and stayed at my mummy’s for a few days, and Brooke and I went for a Spa Day, and then I was back at work. Anyway – on with the roundup!



Yay for Scandals of Classic Hollywood! Here’s the latest offering, The Unspoken Tragedy of Natalie Wood. I love this series, and I’ve linked other ones before, but it’s definitely worth reading back through the archives if you have a chance (be careful though, I’ve lost hours to Classic Hollywood Scandals!)

Things you need in order to stay happy. Very true, especially about Tuesdays.

Here’s Agatha Christie and her surfboard, in 1922. Apparently, Agatha Christie mastered “stand-up surfing, becoming one of the earliest Britons known to do so.” Haha, go Aggie!!

How to travel like a gentlewoman. I want to go to Barcelona, after watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I also want to wake up and look like Penelope Cruz, but that’s a different matter. At least the former is achievable!!

Damien Hirst is having an exhibition at the Tate Modern, from April. Definitely one I plan on visiting. (I’m contemplating Christian Louboutin’s exhibition at the Design Museum too…)

How to be a Crazy Awesome Bitch like Angelina Jolie. Team Jolie forever, over here. Yep yep.

Oh My God. I need to go to this. Someone come with me?

Righty, that’s almost it for this week, just these couple of videos 🙂 xx


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