New Years Day Roundup

Happy New Year!!

Today has been a lovely start to 2012; a nice lie-in and then Johno & I ventured into town to see what was open and to have some lunch. After a horribly expensive cab fare home because of the pouring rain, we’re now cosied up with the heating and the Christmas lights on, and we’re going to have a nice evening of film watching. Tomorrow, I have to pack for Amsterdam (and attmept to find my umbrella…), and then I’m off!! I’m so excited now!! Anyway, here’s a little mini-roundup for you to have a browse of 🙂

» On a New Years’ note, here are Safiya’s favourite things from 2011, Elsie’s year in review, and Gemma’s things to remember in 2012.
» The top 5 regrets of the dying. Sounds morbid, but this is a really interesting article!!
» This is an awesome journal layout tutorial. Organisation at it’s finest!!
» Ted Hughes’ jaguar sculpture is to be sold.
» How to look like Clara Bow.
» This customised filofax is amazing. Love love love.
» I’m so excited about seeing Florence & The Machine in March – Here she is talking to Stylist.

That’s all for now!! 🙂 xx


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