The Wanderer Returns…

Hello lovelies!

I’m back!! I’m sorry for being such a rubbish blogger, I’ve had too many essays and exams to write and revise for over the last month, so the blog has taken the back seat a little bit, as my priorities list has gone a bit crazy. This is also an apology to people in my real life who I haven’t seen or spoken to for a while. Uni commitments have just gotten a little bit on top of me, and how I ever thought that learning a new language on top of doing my degree, running the Literature Society, and working was a good idea, I genuinely don’t know. Anyway, tomorrow is my last Spanish exam for this term, and then from Friday, I have a month off for Christmas – yay! Right, enough moaning and on to some interesting bits and pieces I’ve been catching up with from the internets…

Body Love, from Bangs and a Bun.
♥ Prep for Christmas drinks vintage-style with Seablanket’s Taste Buds.
♥ Bloggers!! Join up to’s list of favourites.
14 punctuation marks you never knew existed. INTERROBANG!!
♥ My inner emo loves Rose Shock’s scene makeup tutorial and purple hair!! (Speaking of Purple Hair, Little Mix’s Jade is making me want my purple hair back!!)
Awesome day of the Dead nails
♥ I’m not sure what to make of this Herman friendship cake thing. It sort of weirds me out a bit.
♥  Need inspiration for New Years resolutions? How about learning a new skill?

I love this headband.  Why are all my favourites from the summer collection and out of stock!?

I love this headband. Why are all my favourites from the summer collection and out of stock!?

Righty, that’s enough of a mini roundup for today, I’m planning on doing some more posts now I have some time, so don’t owrry, I won’t be abandoning you again for a while!! 🙂 xx


2 thoughts on “The Wanderer Returns…

    • Terri-Jane says:

      Thanks 🙂 I know! I’m looking forward to it!! Thankfully, all four of mine were due before the Christmas break, and I’ve had all three Spanish exams this week, so no more essays due til March now, YAY!! xx

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