Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!!  Having finished my first essay, I’m squishing in some roundup time before I start the next one 🙂  Lots of goodies this week, so lets go!

I have the same birthday as Sabrina the Teenage Witch! (She’s older than me though, haha! Sabrina the 30-something witch doesn’t have the same ring to it….)

I’ve given in and finally got a microwave, so now I can make Mug Muffins! Is that a good enough excuse for having halted my microwave boycott??



Wow. These star trails are amazing. Ah, I miss Australia.

Related, Safiya found this gorgeous timelapse video of the night sky.

I had gradient nails this week, and next week I think I might try vintage clouds

I’m debating whether or not to renew my gym membership. I bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD a while ago, and I’m thinking that maybe I could just do that and get some apps on my phone rather than forking out for the gym when I barely have time to go… opinions? Recommendations for android apps gladly received!! I’ve got Runkeeper and a 50 pushup thing, but I need some actual help to get to this. Haha.

Yum, Latkes.

Ooh, also, if you’re in the Colchester-ish area, check out Avani Beauty. The code “RIZ023” gets you 10% off of all treatments and therapies too 🙂

Jenna Marbles is my new favourite thing. here’s why:


One thought on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. Safiya (@swwonder) says:

    I did glitter nails this week and instantly regretted it, I hate removing glitter nail polish!
    I love those star trails, they’re so pretty.
    There is a Nike Training App on Iphone that’s quite good, but I’m not sure if it’s on Android.
    I love Jenna Marbles! Jenna’s avoiding talking to people face is one of my favourite things on the entire internet, I love her!

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