Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!!
This week has been massively hectic as it was Freshers Week at uni. I’ve had a fabulous week, but I’m absolutely cream-crackered now!! I have, however, saved up some linkage for you, so here we go!

Did you know that angry/negative people can be bad for your brain? Gala also wrote a great post on negative people. Be around happy people instead, your mirror neurons will thank you for it!!

Great Gatsby cover art

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Dreaming Spires wrote a post on how signature style works. Do you have a signature? I have leopard print nails, and I love ’em. 🙂

Nerd Boyfriend is awesome. How to style your man like pretty much anyone from Mick Jageer to Jazzy Jeff.

Stylist did a really great interview with Carol Ann Duffy.

New favourite tumblr: bookporn.

Mila Kunis did The Talks.

Imogen did a fabulous high fashion messy bun. Lovely. She also did Beyonce’s Run The World hair, which I’m definitely going to have a go at! I’m debating getting my hair cut like this. Slight obsession with India Rose’s hair, I’ll admit.

30 words Stylist wish were still in use. I’ve seen people very nizzled this week! Haha.

I hope you have a fantastic week ahead – I start back at uni at 9am tomorrow, and then its back to study mode! Yay!!

Lovelove xxx


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