Round ‘Em Up!

Good afternoon lovelies!!

Hopefully my pictures will have sorted themselves out today! Apologies for the wonkiness in my last post.

So, last week, my sister and I headed to Camden for our photoshoot, and got some lovely photos done. We headed up to the markets because she’d never been, and then Oxford Street for a spot of Forever 21. This week coming is the last before I’m back at uni, so the Boy and I are planning a couple of days off together to chill out a bit before everything gets hectic again. On Thursday, we’re going out to see Andy C, which I’m actually really looking forward to – I can’t remember the last time we went out to a gig where he wasn’t playing!!

Smokey Eye

How To: Smokey Eye

So, my new favourite website, WIWT are hiring. If social media interning sounds like your thing, get your application in because the closing date is tomorrow. I’m getting right into this WIWT business, look!

The evolution of Ape-Face Johnson is great 🙂

This looks tasty!

Have you heard the new song from supergroup SuperHeavy? Have a listen… the fact that Joss’s bra is poking out irritates me, and Mick Jagger looks utterly barmy, but I kind of like it!!

My lovely Alexa-like still hasn’t come. It’s 30 working days on Wednesday, and then I’ll have to accept that it’s lost and buy one from somewhere else 😦 Boo, eBay, boo.

After seeing Milly’s review, I’m quite tempted to get one of those jumbo waving wands… hmmm…

And some lovely blogs for you to look at!!
Oh Emma
Make Up Wishes

I hope you have a fabulous week!! xx


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