A/W Style?

* edit: wordpress is doing something odd with my pictures and removing them when I post, so I’ll try to get it fixed and repost!! Sorry!! *

So, tomorrow, my sister and I are off to Camden for a photoshoot thingy. We’ve got outfits and accessories, and suitably enormous handbags to carry all our stuff, and I’m quite looking forward to it!!

It has got me thinking though, that I really need to re-start the No Jeans Challenge. I joined WIWT, but so far my outfits are mostly black and grey work stuff. If I’m not working, I seem to just pull on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans every day, and it’s so boring. I’ve got a wardrobe, underbed storage, and two suitcases full of clothes and I only ever wear the same things. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to have a massive clearout of all the clothes that I don’t wear any more or that don’t fit, and I’m going to spend my eBay/bootsale earnings on clothes I do want to wear!!

I’m going to use my Pinterest style board as inspiration, so for Autumn/Winter its lots of layers and cosy knitwear, and little dresses with tights. I’m going to DIY myself some jersey maxi skirts in different colours using A Pair and A Spare’s super easy DIY, and I’m going to put my Rifts away… at least thats the plan.

Here’s some of the pictures that are inspiring me to start getting dressed in the mornings…





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