Round ‘Em Up!!

Hello lovelies!! Lots of lovely links for you this week, so I’m going to jump straight in!!

High Fashion Hermione

High Fashion Hermione

Textbook is the most amazing Tumblr I’ve found for ages. If you need inspiration on how to dress like Hermione Granger decked out in Marc Jacobs, or a grown-up Veruca Salt, you need to check out the post index. Fantastic.

Speaking of Veruca Salt, the Boy found me an article on Roald Dahl and the darkness within. Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors, and I think that this article gets it spot on. The whole reason so many people love his stories is because they are full of real baddies. I don’t think that many other people could write about as truly awful an event as becoming an orphan because your parents have been eaten by a rhinoceros on a day out in London quite as well.

I need to make some of Dayner’s chocolate orange cupcakes. They look yum!! I love Terry’s chocolate oranges.

If you’re in London on Wednesday, you might want to pop into the designer jumble sale. With 90% off of new and vintage designer goodies, I really wish I wasn’t working all day 😦

Gala Darling shared her wedding day story! Aww!

This quiz came out pretty accurate, so that was a worthy waste of five minutes 😉

Amy Valentine’s Moleskine art journal is beautiful. I need to get back into doing my journal – it’s mainly just words now, when I remember to actually do some. Rubbish. I made a Pinboard with lots of journally bits on it, so I have some inspiration!!

This DIY from A Pair and A Spare is genius. I need to find some stretchy rugs. Any ideas? I also love this DIY dress, and it’s so simple!!

Finally, Amy Winehouse’s birthday was this week, and her duet with Tony Bennett was released. It’s the last thing she recorded, and it’s beautiful, so I thought I’d share it.

Have a wonderful week!! xx



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