The Pierces : You & I

The Pierces : You And I

The Pierces : You & I

Produced by Coldplay’s Guy Berryman, You & I is the fourth album from Catherine and Allison Pierce, who are possibly best known for their song “Secret”, featured on Pretty Little Liars, and their cameos on Gossip Girl.  You And I is the sisters’ “serious” album, the one they almost didn’t release.  It was only Berryman’s persuasion that stopped the girls from giving up.

The Pierces’ latest album mixes Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks with The Mama’s and The Papa’s “California Dreaming”, and their voices mix together so well that you almost can’t tell which sister is singing.  The songs are all well-written, mainly by one or both sisters, with only two songs having contributions from other writers.  Catherine’s ex-fiancee, The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr., features on “Love You More” and Guy Berryman plays guitar on most tracks.

Overall, the album is really easy to listen to, and I’ve had it on repeat for two days. It’s a bit folk-rock-y, a bit indie, and a lot good.

4/5 stars
(You & I costs £6.99 at the moment from HMV)


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