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Good morning!!

So, it’s official: Dumblebore is the most magical character in Harry Potter. Do you agree? Don’t worry, Snape is still everyone’s favourite, but I thought that those two articles were really interesting. Mostly because I love Harry Potter. What do you think?

Bangs & A Bun shared her top five life changing moments, and it made me question my own. I feel a copycat post coming up, maybe!

Eloise and Ramona

Eloise and Ramona

This is a repost, but Gala Darling’s Very Definitely Not Dinner and a Movie date ideas are all amazing. I like The Sunday New York Times Crossword Date, and The Generational Date!

Sandra from 5 Inch And Up sprays Dreamcoat for horses on her hair to get it to look that good. Yup, really.

The new Westfield Stratford City opens a week tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peek!

All of the artwork and stationery at Etsy shop, Flapperdoodle is so, so cute. Little flapper art prints and mirrors and book-plates, oh my!Β  There’s a blog, too!

Speaking of the 20’s, I loved reading Clara Bow: It Girl from The Hairpin’s Scandals of Classic Hollywood series.

I’m going to make some of these bracelets.

Finally, and I’m sorry to end on a somewhat ranty note, but I think that Stephanie is dead on, and needs some support!! Stephanie Willis wrote “The Time I Became Hated On The Internet” about the backlash she received after she questioned why (at the VMA’s) abusive Chris Brown was again being celebrated after this, and why Tyler the Creator won “Best New Artist” when his first album uses the word β€œfaggot” over 213 times, and his lyrics include innumerable references to rape, including the phrase “she deserves to get raped”. Possibly even more shockingly, Tyler was given this award on the same night as he tweeted the following, and I’m going to quote from Stephanie’s post, because she puts it better than I could (apologies for the swearing…): “It started with a rape joke. If you haven’t seen it, Tyler the Creator tweeted a picture of himself and an 18-year-old Disney star with the caption: “VICTORIA JUSTICE IS GOING TO TAKE THIS DICK. or get socked in her fucking mouth.” I wanted to express my disgust because nothing about that sentence is okay.” I cannot understand why these men are applauded for their blatant disrespect toward women, and (at the risk of sounding ranty) WHY WHY WHY are women buying their albums and watching them perform at the VMAs? Rape and battery are not a joke, and these men are being consistently rewarded for their misogynistic “art”. I also can’t understand why people are criticising Stephanie for speaking out against it. Please go and read Stephanie’s post, and you can read her original post here. Rant over.

I hope that you have got some fabulous goodies lined up for the week ahead; so far, I am planning Nandos and Zumba!
Lovelove xx


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