August Favourites

Hello lovelies!!
I thought I would jump on the monthly favourites bandwagon, but with a twist.  A lot of the blogs I read list their favourite beauty products of the month (mainly because a lot of them are beauty blogs 😉 ), but I don’t change up my skincare/haircare/makeup often enough to do that.  (If you’re interested, I mainly just stick with Steam Cream and Aussie, because they’re amazing, and I have way, way too much makeup to have favourites.)  Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to do movies, music and books and things instead!! So, here’s the first one!

MUSIC: Beyonce’s “4”

Purely because Beyonce is Queen of the Universe, and now there’s going to be a Beyonce/Jay-Z baby!! Eep. I don’t even like babies and I’m excited.
Oh, also Florrie, because I found her website, and downloaded her free EP this month, and it’s already on my most played list on iTunes.

FILM: The Inbetweeners

Does this honestly need a reason??

BOOK: Mr Toppit, by Charles Elton

I haven’t finished it yet, I’m really enjoying reading this.. I can’t quite figure out where it’s going, which is good!

What was your favourite movie this month?  What have you been reading?  What’s been on your iPod non-stop? xx


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