Round ‘Em Up!

Hello Lovelies!!
I’m having a lazy day today, as I was working last night until 2am, and will be doing the same tonight. Boo. However, this bodes well for you, because it means I’ve been all over the internets today looking for goodies!! Here we go!

It’s Being Little‘s birthday week!! I am a tiny bit obsessed with Lyzi’s blog, and this week she’s been posting the best bits of her blog from the last year.

Fingernail Ring

Fingernail Ring

Wayward Daughter is having a giveaway. The book looks lovely!!

ZoeClaudia is a new Tumblr I found through Twitter.

What do you think of this: If you wouldn’t do your job for free, then quit?

Lucy at Grazed Knees is having a giveaway too! And Amy Valentine!! Giveaways galore!

This really made me laugh 🙂

Mozzypop is having a blog sale with Pauls Boutique bags, clothes, shoes, makeup – be quick!!

The Boy and I went to see the Inbetweeners film this week, and it was so, so funny. If you’ve not seen it yet, you really need to.

Hope you’re having a lovely bank holiday!! What are you doing with your long weekend? xx


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