Round ‘Em Up!

Slightly delayed, sorry!! I should do scheduled roundups when I’m going out for the day!



I’ve been looking through my Style Pinboard, and I really need to start dressing more how I like, instead of keep falling in the jeans-and-a-tee-shirt rut. I need to reinstate the No Jeans Challenge. I’ve started uploading some outfitty photos on my Flickr, so we’ll see how that goes…

Sarah Wilson has got Tips for Inner City Bikes. I plan to get cycling to and from uni this year, so this was useful! Also reminds me I need to find out if I can get a key to the cycle storage thing in our car park.

New York Skinny vs. Paris Skinny, from Garance Doré.

Have you seen Sandra’s DIY Dries Hair? If not, you should! My layers aren’t long enough to all stay in yet 😦

Planet Blue

Planet Blue

Could I please have the whole Planet Blue wardrobe? If not, the Too Cool For School, Feelin’ On Yo Booty and Sheer Perfection collections will do!  Look at that dress! It’s beautiful 🙂

Does this advert really creep anyone else out? I don’t understand it! It reminds me of the streets, but I don’t understand why it has anything to do with sausages?! I don’t get it!! That dog even has his own Twitter!!

I bought a gorgeous pink Mulberry Alexalike from eBay this week, but it’s going to take AGES to get here!! 😦 Come on China Post!! I’m impatient!

Ooh, I also joined up to Google+ this week, if you’re on it – add me up! It’s lonely!!

Love love xx


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