Round ‘Em Up!

A late Sunday night roundup for you this week, as I’ve been sunning myself all day at a BBQ (thanks Brooke & Matt, it was lovely!!).  Here we go!:

So true.

So true.

♡  This week, I attempted the Blogilates POP Pilates Abominable Abdominals video. Abominable indeed. My abs have died. I also ordered Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and I’m going to do them both until my abs come back. They have disappeared under a layer of chocolate mousse (most likely culprit), and I don’t like it. Even though I haven’t changed dress sizes, I don’t like the fact that I don’t feel toned at all, so I need to sort it out, and I refuse to stop eating carbs, because that is craziness and I would starve to death. So abominable pilates and shredding it is.

♡  I bought this AQUA dress from ASOS, and it came this week, but it’s all stiched together wrongly, so if I wear it the right way round all the labels are out on the bustier bit, and if I wear the bustier bit the right way round, the velvet is inside out. So back it goes. Annoying.

♡  Keiko’s braided ‘do looked awesome when I tested it out this week 🙂

♡  Sofia linked 33 Ways To Survive When Everything Sucks in her Sunday Click List, and it’s got some really good advice.

Rally the troops. Who are your FUCK YEAH friends? Who are your True Believers? Tell them what you’re up to, and get some rah-rah coffee dates on the books.

This outfit.

Olivia’s chocolate brownies look amazing. I might have to make some (hence the need for the 30 Day Shred).

Hello Giggles have posted the Top 10 Amy Winehouse Moments. My favourite ever video of her is on that list. I’ve never heard two live versions of ‘Love is a Losing Game’ the same (or any of her songs, come to think of it), and this one is beautiful. Her voice breaks halfway through, and she finishes the song and just says “Was that alright?” Stunning. The music world is far, far worse off without her 😦

Right, that’s me done, I think – night night lovelies xx


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