Batiste XXL

Yay, another hair/beauty post!!

At the end of last month, just before I moved, the lovely people at Batiste Hair sent me a (full size!!) sample of the new XXL dry shampoo after I posted this tweet. I’m already a convert to Batiste, and I usually use the Boho Dry Shampoo, so I was already pretty confident of how to use it. I won’t bore you with details of exactly how I sprayed it on my hair, if you’re unsure how to do it you can click on that little link there 🙂

Batiste XXL, Batiste Boho & Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer, Batiste Boho & Batiste XXL

So, onto the XXL itself. This stuff is awesome. The tagline promises “the ultimate volume boost”, and it certainly delivers. As I’ve mentioned before, I have got lots of hair, and the XXL got it volumised and bouncy really easily.  It’s also in a new size can, so you get much more product, and lasts longer, than before. In fact, I only have to use a teeny bit of this to get it working so it’s going to last forever! It’s a bit thicker than the other Batiste’s I’ve used, and it takes a little bit longer to rub in, but not actually very long at all. The only downside to the XXL is that it seems to make my hair crazily knotty.  I’ve not had this problem with any other Batiste’s I’ve used, and I’m mainly blaming the fact that it does take more rubbing in, but as my hair knots up pretty easily already thats a bit of a negative point.  However, I do have my Tangle Teezer now, so knots are much more easily remedied!!  All in all, the XXL works amazingly, and once my (huge!) can has run out, I’ll be buying it again.

Batiste Boho & Batiste XXL

Batiste Boho & Batiste XXL

What do you think of Batiste dry shampoos? Have you tried out the XXL yet?

Lovelove xx


(I received the Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo as a sample from Batiste, and therefore didn’t pay for it, but I have reviewed it 100% honestly.)


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