This is just a short post to apologise for the interruption to your regular schedule!!  As you may know, I’ve just moved house and, sadly, my internet provider cannot be as speedy as I would like.  My internet connection won’t be up and running until the 18th July (I know, it’s a crazy amount of time) so I won’t be properly blogging again until then 😦

In the meantime, here’s a little rundown of recent events:
I got my results back for the first year of my degree, and passed with a high 2.1 (68 overall!!) Woop, go me! Ridiculously pleased with myself.
My new flat is lovely and its slowly getting unpacked – hopefully it’ll all be done soon!
I won a Tangle Teezer on a twitter/facebook competition, and it is honestly amazing. I was planning to buy one anyway, and I would definitely recommend it!! I’ll do a post on it soon!
The lovely people at BatisteHair sent me a (full size!) sample of the new XXL Dry Shampoo and it’s awesome. I have got a review coming up, once my internet is back up and I can upload my pictures!!
What did you think of my “beauty blogger” post, by the way? There will be some more coming (see above!) so feedback is gratefully received 😉
I really enjoyed writing my “Favourites” post, and I’m thinking of making it a regular thing…
Finally, if you get a chance, please click here, “like” the page and click “vote” for my beautiful and amazing friend Konnie. It’s for her to get her dream job at Very, and she’d be hugely grateful! It only takes two minutes of your time – thankyou so so much!

Some people to follow!! (All of these girls are amazing, have awesome blogs and you should be following them already!) (also, I really need to update my links page.)
Polly May
Oh, Such A Primadonna
Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno
Beauty Comes From Within
Ditzy Glamour

Right, I’m off home to celebrate my 2.1 with some dinner and some unpacking!! I’ll be back soon!! Lovelovelove xxx


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