Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!!

A slightly later-than-usual Roundup this week, as I’m in the midst of packing up our flat to move next week!

I did this with my nails this week!

I did this with my nails this week! (Click for how!!)

Earlier in the week, I posted my favourites, and since then I’ve found lots more lovely links for you, so here we go!

Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno is run by two sisters, and it’s really great. Brandi and Kelly have day jobs as a hairstylist and graphic designer respectively, yet they still find time to blog pretty much every day. Good stuff.

Paris vs NYC is awesome. One for you, Polly?

The crossing at Abbey Road has a live webcam. It’s weirdly addictive to watch people pretending to be The Beatles over and over again.

A Rosie Outlook is another blog I’ve found, which is lots of weekly photos and loveliness 🙂



Fabulous Magazine is offering two free nails inc polishes worth £22 – Elly tells you how you can get your hands on them!

I spent far too long yesterday reading Passive Aggresive Notes. Actually hilarious.

The Beauty Department has new tips every day for make up and hair styles.

This looks amazing. I need a skillet.

Right lovelies, that’s all this week as I need to get back to my boxes!!
Lovelove xx


One thought on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. swwonder says:

    I’ve had some time off from doing my nails ‘all artsy’ (I’ve had them quite short in nudes for weeks), but I’m currently growing them to start again – I think that may have to go on my ‘to do’ list.
    The Abbey Road webcam is extremely addictive, at the moment I’m enjoying watching irate drivers and people almost getting knocked over by buses!
    I love Paris vs NYC too!

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