Round ‘Em Up!

Good morning lovelies!!

So today, the Boy has gone off to Newquay for a week of DJing on the beach, and gets to call it work!! Some people have all the luck! It does mean, however, that I have been up since 6am (who knew 6am existed on a Sunday?!) scouring the internets for the best links to leave you with this week πŸ™‚

Robot Girl

Robot Girl

It’s cool to be calm, really.

Polly May found Beyonce’s new dance workout. It’s a US incentive to tackle obesity, and as ever, Beyonce looks amazing.Β  I can’t imagine anyone Beyonce-status showing up in the middle of my PE lessons!!
By the way, have you seen this video?? Major hair/body/face envy.

I love this idea. I want to have a book swap party!!

I need to get me a variation of this outfit… I also need to incorporate more sequins into my everyday clothing. Haha.

Speaking of clothing, Miss Rachel and I have done ONE WHOLE MONTH of the No Jeans Challenge! We really ought to start documenting the outfits which (on my part at least) are becoming more and more *eclectic* in the attempt to leave the denim in the wardrobe! Also, I think that a month deserves a treat!!

This article is really interesting. I have books that I loved when I read them, but I think that if I went back and re-read them now, I would find things I didn’t like – and that’s exactly what Samantha Ellis did.

Yay, the sun is out!! That means it’s time to get reading Gala’s “50 Things Every Girl Needs This Summer!”

This is so cute. If I could crochet, I would be making about a million of these!!

This honestly gave me goosebumps. Beautiful.


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