I like to ride my bicycle….

So, now that it’s warming up, I’m going to be getting my bicycle out soon!! She’s been hiding up in the flat because it’s been miserable weather and because, truth be told, I’m a little bit apprehensive about cycling out in the wild!!  There are lots of hills in Colchester, and lots of drivers with no awareness of the road, or how to use an indicator.  Also, there are double roundabouts EVERYWHERE. Look at these bad boys.  The first one is pretty much on my route anywhere.  It even gets its own Wikipedia entry. Eek.  Anyway, I have decided that it is time to Face The Fear and get on my bike!!

My beautiful Raleigh Caprice

My beautiful Raleigh Caprice

Apologies for the horrendous photo quality – it was taken on my mobile in the heat of ‘just purchased’ excitement. She’s a vintage Raleigh Caprice, and her name is Violet.

I need to get a helmet, because I think that then I will be less scared of bike riding, and the Yakkay Smart Two is the most stylish I’ve seen. I like the tokyo style, because look at this picture. It doesn’t even look like a bike helmet!! It’s quite cute!! As well as cute, however, Yakkay helmets are also fairly out of my price range at around £70. You can buy them here
Nutcase helmets also seem to be fairly trendy… I like the Hula Lounge and Star Bright designs. They’re about £40 at GlobalBike.co.uk. Nutcase helmets are on facebook too!  I think that one of these might go on my ‘to buy’ list!!

Catherine Baba

Catherine Baba

Extra Linkage!!
Sarah Wilson answered some ‘bike buying’ questions.
♥ Sarah inspired Gala Darling to buy a bike too!
♥ The New York Times did an article on bike riding, and it looks like there are some very stylish cyclists in New York!!
♥ I also found how do you dress for riding a bike? Part One and Part Two.

Send me your bicycle stories/pictures!!


2 thoughts on “I like to ride my bicycle….

  1. Safiya Williams says:

    I’m currently learning to drive and doing lots of roundabouts at the moment, but those roundabouts look super scary – thank goodness I’m not learning to drive in Colchester.

    I need to get my bike out too! We have so many gorgeous cycle routes and nature reserves in Nottingham that it’s sort of a waste Nottingham, although I’m not sure I’ll look as cool as Catherine Baba!

    • Terri-Jane says:

      I know – I stopped my driving lessons when I moved up to Colchester, and I’m dreading taking them up again with those crazy roundabouts!!

      A Notts Catherine Baba is all very well and good, but I reckon you’d get some funny looks cycling around in a kimono!! 😉 x

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