Happy List: oo2

This week’s been a little bit quieter, lots of essaying to get done – boo. Anyway, here are the top ten things making me forget my essay angst this week!!

oo2: Gym-going with the Boy at 8am. Wakes you up nice and quick!
oo3: Two days with Sister, and the fact that her tragus looks so good, it’s tempting to get mine done.
oo4: New pink and orange wedges!!!
oo5: Beachy waves
oo6: A new, working phone is on it’s way to me (slightly unhappy that I’m going to have to start Bubble Buster from the beginning again though…)
oo7: The River Island sale.
oo8: Gentlemen Ninjas. Hahahahaha.
oo9: Shopping with Sarah and Mumbly for the day and lots of giggling.
o1o: Looking at holidays with the Boy and deciding where we’re going to go for some SUN!!

What’s been making your week? xx


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