Round ‘Em Up!

Good morning!

Diving straight in this morning, because I have got loads of links to share with you! 🙂

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

First up, this week I recieved my first copy of The Upstyler, and it’s awesome. This issue was packed full of 80’s style, and well worth signing up for. You can subscibe at their website and they’ll send you a copy of the next issue. They also have a great online shop too!

I stumbled across Raptitude this week, and spent far too long reading far too many articles. Some of my favourites are: How to make a life list you’ll actually do, What I discovered when I went vegan for 30 days, and I don’t want stuff any more, only things.

Mainly spotted for Polly, WhoWhatWear are currently channeling Exile on Main Street. Are you a Bianca or an Anita?

Wayward Daughter is having a ‘Best of British’ series at the moment, with loads of guest bloggers taking part. It’s worth a look, and Emily’s guide to West London is great – yay for the Natural History Museum!!

Jay-Z launched his own website. It’s pretty good, with sections on Style, Music, Technology and Art.



Wearing the Pants is a new Tumblr of – yup, you guessed it – women wearing menswear.

Into the Gloss is amazing. It’s like little snippet interviews with loads of people. Here’s Harley Viera-Newton, Karlie Kloss and Olivia Kim, to get you started 😉

Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Beachy Waves tutorial is the hair of choice this week, considering that I’ve been told that if I strip my hair it will go orange, I should wash it with fairy liquid for two months and take a hair-growth supplement, that the hairdresser had no idea what Ombre was, and that Mila Kunis’ ombre hair was natural and I’d never achieve that look in dyed hair…. hmmm. Anyway, this has left me utterly confused as to whether or not I should brave the bleach or if I will end up looking like a traffic cone… argh.

Gala went for a trapeze lesson!! Looks like fun!

I hope that you have a fantastic week lined up – I will be writing essays all week, which is slightly less than thrilling, but they’ll be done soon!! (and then it’s exam time!)

Lovelove xx



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