Happy List: oo1

Hello!! Here is the very first of my new series posts (a bit like the Roundups), the Happy Lists!! The idea here is just a list of the top ten things making me happy at the moment πŸ™‚ I’m going to get some guest bloggers in as well, to share their happy lists, so keep your eyes peeled!! (Feel free to comment with your own happy lists, and let me know if you’d like to be a guest blogger!)

So, here are the things making me super happy this week!

oo1: Super long phonecalls with Sister and Swapna.
oo2: Dates (Pancake brunch, Nando’s dinner, Pizza Express lunch) and TMI conversations with my girlies.
oo3: Finishing season two of True Blood on nights in with the Boy.
oo4: Yawn rape. Never gets old.
oo5: Pinterest.
oo6: Testing out funky hairstyles from youtube videos to try and make the hair growing less BORING.
oo7: Making friendship bracelets for all my friendlies, and giving the first one to the Boy, and him not taking it off πŸ™‚
oo8: Nights out to TOWIE hotspots, and not being Essex enough!! πŸ˜‰
oo9: Talking about being in a long term relationship, being engaged, trust, and the perils of Alumni Weekend πŸ™‚
o10: Footballers as food. The best facebook status I have seen for a very, very long time. 54 comments, and personal highlights being “Van Persie Pigs”, “John Teriyaki”, and “Ryan Figgs”. Hahahaha.

What’s been making your week?


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