Round ‘Em Up!

Good Afternoon!

Finally the sun has decided to make an appearance, which is lovely, and is cheering me up no end 🙂

Miss Moss posted these amazing origami animals by Quentin Trollip last week, and they’re awesome. There’s more on Quentin’s website and Flickr. Love.

I’ve also got myself obsessed with Pinterest this week, and have spent far too long making boards to inspire me to go to the gym (procrastination at its best), and -inevitably- to get me envious of other people’s hair.

Before I die...

Before I die...

This project is AMAZING. The house has now been bought, and will be renovated back into a house, but the blackboard will be remade somewhere else in New Orleans.I think it’s nice that something like this can appear in an area still recovering from a huge disaster.  The picture above was taken only three hours after the stencil was put up – every time the board was filled, the chalk was washed off so that it could be filled up again.  There are HEAPS of photographs of the board, and there is going to be a book made of them.

Pageant Queen and Miss New Mexico USA, Brittany Toll, was featured in an interview with Gala Darling this week. Her website, Happy Brittany is great. And she’s a filofaxing organisation goddess too!

Speaking of organisation, this really pleases the list-maker in me. Their ‘list month’ was March, but I reckon you could do this anytime, just thirty days in a row. They also have a Flickr pool full of photos of everyones lists! I love the ones like this, where the lists aren’t just bullet-pointed notes and have actually been made into a piece of art.



Gala Darling is getting summer-happy, and has written 50 Things Every Girl Needs This Summer: An Essential (& Glamorous) Prescription! Wicked.

I am loving friendship bracelets at the moment. They’ve sprung up everywhere, and I plan on making some very soon. I’ll be using this, these and these as inspiration. Here’s a how-to, but there are loads and loads on etsy and ebay if you don’t fancy making them yourself!!

I’ve also found a couple of new blogs to keep up with: Holly Knitlightly and Sailboat 🙂

And finally, have yourself a listen to this.  The Boy has put his latest demo out into the interwebs for your aural pleasure 🙂  April’s Pre-Summer Vocal Mix is “a dash of big vocal, with a sprinkling of beats.”  Lovely and summery for a Sunday afternoon!

I hope you have a fabulous week lined up!! Enjoy the sunshine!!




4 thoughts on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. Brittany Toll says:

    Shucks girl! Thanks for the shout out! Your blog is amazing…. and we both have a serious love for PINTEREST. 🙂

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