Round ‘Em Up!

Good afternoon lovelies!



I hope you’re having a good weekend.Β  I’ve had quite a busy one, so today the Boy and were just chilling out πŸ™‚ It’;s actually been a really busy week! It was my birthday on Tuesday, and I had a really lovely day, and since then, I’ve been out lunching, working, shopping, non-stop!! It’s a hard life!! Haha.

The beautiful India Rose shared her playsuit making secret with me this week, so I’ll be making one of these at some point, and feeling inadequate that I neither look like that, nor have fabulously dishevelled hair.

I love new blog, Especially as they tell you how to make frilly knickers out of vintage scarves. Eep!

Sofia has promised a cracking Click List this week, so make sure you check it out πŸ™‚ (Now that it’s up, here’s the link!)

I’ve just discovered Regal Rose, and have got my eye on the double cage ring (which I think is sold out *sad face*), this wish box necklace, and these super long earrings. Lovely.

Also jewellery-related, I like this very much.

I might have to buy Sooz one of these!! Nigel the Narwhal!! it’s a sleeping bag for your pet!! Hahaha.

Love this advice from an 8 year old:

Natalie: What do you guys know about love?

Gwenny: It’s when a girl and a boy are dating and they do nice stuff for each other all the time.

Jonas: Um, it’s about kissing.

I found Love, Zsara this week too, and I love her blog! πŸ™‚

Boys, take note.

And lastly, today is, of course, Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day, Mumbly!! I love you lots! xxx


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