It was my birthday on Tuesday, and I had a fabulous day.  I got loads of cards, and lots of pressies and a heap of facebook messages and tweets; my mummy came up to see me and we went shopping, and the Boy took me out to a very swish restaurant for dinner.  I love birthdays and, as last year, I prefer making ‘Birthday Resolutions’ opposed to ‘New Years Resolutions’.  This year, most of my resolutions are uni-based, but there are a few that aren’t.  I’m thinking of replacing my Bucket List with my resolutions for this year, but I’m not sure yet…

Saturday night was my girly birthday dinner, and eight of us went to Zizzi.  It was really nice to have all my friends (from home, uni and Colchester) all together. I’m very lucky and have got some really good girlfriends 🙂  So on Saturday we stuffed ourselves with cocktails (passionfruit martinis… mmmmmm) and pasta.  Yum.

On Tuesday morning, I unwrapped all of my presents before Mum arrived, and we went into Colchester for some shopping and lunch. I spotted this bracelet, which I might have to spend my birthday money on, and this Topshop dress.  The Boy took me to Portofino for dinner, which was amazing.  I had the best gnocchi I have eaten for ages, and hot chocolate fondant pudding for dessert.  It was immense.

I got so many presents… far to many to list, books, DVDs, CDs, jewellery, clothes, these toe-stretcher things, Topshop vouchers, perfume… I am spoilt. 🙂

I had a fantastic birthday, and I spent it with loads of people I love.  Awesomeness.  🙂


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