Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!

I am chilling out watching How to Look Good Naked after stuffing myself with pasta last night at my girly birthday meal! I am very lucky to have a great group of girlfriends (loving the alliteration), and I had a fantastic night 🙂

Here’s a new blog I stumbled over: Look, Know. I love all of their vintage!

Chelsea made an amazing owl dress diy! I need to get myself a pillowcase and get sewing. It looks awesome!!

Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic

This is Andrej Pejic, fashions newest top model, and Andrej is a he. I know. Beautiful. Major hair envy. And here’s an interview with him.

Quick, is having a flash sale 🙂 Look at this little snail!. Cute!

I found a great post this week, “Why Are You So Skinny?” I know the feeling, and Zoella gets it spot on!

Fancy carrying around one of these AA clutches, but can’t bring yourself to fork out £35 for what is, essentially, an oversize pencil case? Me either. How about making your own? I need to find somewhere in Colchester where you can use a sewing machine. Does anyone know of anywhere, or how to find somewhere? Maybe they’ll be able to tell me in the fabric shop….

So, it’s my birthday on Tuesday, and I shall be turning the grand old age of 24. It’s strange, because I don’t feel grown-up enough to be 24… especially being as I’m in my first year at uni, but on the other hand, I’m engaged, and we’re looking to move house. I talked about birthday resolutions last year, and this year I’m compiling something like the Bucket List… 25 things to do before I’m 25. Once it’s finished, I’ll post it up, but it’s looking good so far!!

Right, just a short one today – have a great week!!! xx


5 thoughts on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. Safiya Williams says:

    Have seen a few pictures of Andrej Pejic and every time I think ‘wow she’s stunning’, and then I remember. But yes, he’s stunning.
    Happy Birthday for Tuesday, hope it’s a good one!

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