Dream Job.

A nook at Shakespeare & Company

A nook at Shakespeare & Company

So, I’ve spent quite a long time thinking about what I’m going to do with myself once I’ve finished uni.  Having always had the vague idea that I want to do something book-related, I’ve never really explored it any further and come up with anything concrete that I want.  So I’ve been putting some thought into it and am narrowing it down.  Eventually, I would love to own a little bookshop.  One selling pre-loved books as well as new ones, and with a Bookcrossing shelf. I’d like little nooks and crannies where people can sit and read, and a little corner where people can get a coffee or a hot chocolate. If I could stretch it out to having a little vintage dress rail, that would be awesome.

Shakespeare & Co, in Paris, is hands down the most amazing bookshop I have ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. Just to be able to surround myself with books everyday, and to see other people enthused and inspired by the same things as me would be amazing.

This really is just a post to myself, to give me something in writing that I can work on and work towards 🙂

What’s your dream job? What would you love to eventually find yourself doing?


One thought on “Dream Job.

  1. karen07814 says:

    how about a community owned bookshop where everyone gave x hours a week and shared profits, there’s a cafe bookshop like it in Lille that also happens to be the bookcrossing zone there

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