Round ‘Em Up!

I have decided that my disappearing act had gone on quite long enough, so I have a nice lazy Sunday roundup for you! It’s been a rather busy couple of weeks, with World Book Night last weekend (my copies of Cloud Atlas arrived late, but did eventually arrive. I have more than a few left to give out… Going to take some to uni this week, and hand them out to people at random), and then Paris this week!



Sarah did a roundup of our trip – with photos of Pareeee!! πŸ™‚

Right then!

Superficial Girls‘ Carlinn is gorgeous, and she has a very impressive collection of tights, and a competition πŸ™‚

Somehow, I have only just discovered Pretty Much Penniless, evidently because I am way behind the times. Eleanor lives in London with her fiancΓ©, and her blog is full of bargain fashion finds, etsy wants and take 10 challenges. Lovely.

This is how Kelly from A Twenty-Something does her hair. She’s just become one of the new Aussie Angels, so she obviously knows her stuff!

Forever the Ugly Duckling does lots of lovely nail stuff, which I’m currently obessed with. Need to get some Scotch tape.

I bought the first season of True Blood last week too. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes because I had crazy essay writing to do, but I’m really liking it. Apparently Snoop Dogg likes it too… this is possibly one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen….


Also, I love solo Patrick Stump.. I love FOB Patrick Stump too, but he’s a different person altogether!Β  And I love the video for the song, it’s really inspiring – I want to learn to do the cup thing!!

That’ll do you for now, look out for a Paris roundup later this week!!


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