Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!

I am having a nice lazy Sunday morning, watching The Biggest Loser in my pyjamas 🙂 The plan for this afternoon is essay writing, so I’m chilling in preparation!!

I’ve got loads of links for you this week, starting with a self love guide for the insanely busy, from Positively Present.

In the same vein, Genesis wrote a love letter to her body.

This post is pretty inspiring 🙂

Gypsy Girl Guide's Manifesto!

Gypsy Girl Guide's Manifesto!

Leonie Wise has written a guest post at Gypsy Girls Guide, on the Christchurch earthquake, as has Gala Darling.

I’m going to make one of these bracelets from HonestlyWTF? Off to B&Q!

I remember talking about the Hermes knots before, but I’ve stumbled across this, and I’m sure I have some scarves (sadly not Hermes ones!) massive enough to do something with 🙂

Sofia was sent the Miss Selfridge ss11 lookbook. I never seem to shop at Miss Selfridge, but some of this is actually really nice!! The styling looks awesome, and I love the red/pink dropped hem dress.



Amy wore head to toe Primark in her latest OOTD. Why do I never find anything as nice as that top in Primark? (On a slightly related note, I can’t wait for my hair to be as long as Amy’s is really, without the extensions, even though I love them!)

I’m debating these tights from eBay for my trip to Paris next week, as I can’t find the Henry Holland Paris citights for less than £17, and I can’t warrant that amount of money for tights. Scrooge.

Don’t forget that this Saturday coming is World Book Night. I’ll be handing out 48 free copies of Cloud Atlas, and 19,999 other people up and down the country will be giving out 48 copies of other books too! As of Monday, the new website will be launched and you’ll be able to see what events are going on in your area. This looks set to be a great initiative to get people into reading, so check it out and go along to something – there’s going to be parties, book readings, signings, and loads of other stuff. And free books!! Get on it! 🙂

Rawr!! xx


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