Round ‘Em Up!

Well, well, this seems to be a roundup before schedule?! Haha. Sadly, my Sunday is likely to be spent essay writing on how enlightened the invention of the penitentiary was (thrilling, I know), so the roundup is being done tonight instead!! Lots and lots of links to browse this week, so I hope you enjoy them! I’m also debating some new features, as you may have seen earlier this week. Please feel free to suggest other things, I’m open to ideas!

Planning Barbie makeup for Monday Carnage!

Planning Barbie makeup for Monday Carnage!

From March 1st, “Son of Erebus”, by JS Chancellor will be being offered as a free download. It’s the first in a trilogy, but from what I can work out, it’s a positive action after the book was pirated. Now the aim is to get the book out to as many people as possible, so spread the word!

The Boy sent me this link from the BBC, on how “OK” has seeped into common language. I geek out over stuff like this, because I think it’s really interesting that a word that was essentially a spelling error is now used everyday, by hundreds of thousands of people, in a ridiculous number of languages, all over the world.

I have been sucked in to I can’t help it. I’m just reading an article, and then it links to ten other articles, and then I read them all and can’t decide which ones to bookmark. So I bookmark them all.
Don’t Be A Sissy!, The Science of the Smooch, and Spousonomics; the Economics of a Happy Marriage:

You put a high premium on “transparency” in a relationship. Can you talk a bit about what you mean by transparency?
A lot of miscommunication happens around mind reading. We talked to a lot of couples where one person would say: He or she should know what I want. He should know that I want the laundry done, and he should know that I want to be told how beautiful I am. My question is, really? Why? Why should another person know exactly what you’re thinking? You wouldn’t expect your boss to read your mind. Why would you expect anyone else but your spouse to read your mind?

Derren Brown’s self-portrait is nearly finished. So jealous of people who can paint/draw.

I love this song:

I found Effie’s Makeup Box this week, I love her Valentines nails!! Mine look this at the moment, but I need to Barbie-fy them for Monday night!!

I’m missing My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding already…..

Please can it come back soon?!


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